Risk Landscape Clarity

Rapidly Identify Top Cybersecurity Risks.

RiskLens changes the game in cybersecurity risk assessment and management by making the quantification of cyber risk in financial terms a reality. Traditional cyber risk assessments deliver qualitative results such as "high, medium, low" or "red, yellow, green" which are highly subjective and shed no light on the potential financial impact of a cyber event.

RiskLens delivers a true, business oriented view into cyber risk by providing quantitative cyber risk assessments built on the internationally recognized FAIR™ model. Through RiskLens' Risk Landscape Clarity solution, which simplifies FAIR analysis, organizations go well beyond traditional cyber risk assessments and provide the real visibility that the business needs to make risk informed decisions.

Rapidly Identify and Rank Top Risks

In under two weeks, RiskLens allows risk analysts to conduct a quantitative, FAIR based, cyber risk assessment which identifies the most important cybersecurity risks for your organization based on potential financial harm.

Assess Emerging Issues with Ease

As new issues emerge such as audit findings, policy exception requests, and new cyber threats, RiskLens enables rapid triage of these issues. Your risk professionals can then quickly quantify financial risk exposure and prioritize your response accordingly.

Change the Dialogue on Cyber Risk

RiskLens' Risk Landscape Clarity solution is the foundation of your quantitative cyber risk management program and provides the first opportunity for you to engage with business leaders in a business oriented discussion around cyber risk.

Rapidly Identify and Rank Top Risks

RiskLens helps your organization leapfrog to a quantitative risk management program, regardless of your starting level of maturity.

RiskLens simplifies the cyber risk quantification process with its powerful triage capability and immediately transforms your cyber risk assessments with quick, powerful wins. In just a few days, your organization can identify top risk scenarios and achieve unprecedented clarity into your risk landscape.

Traditional risk management solutions rely on risk analysts’ mental models to define and measure cyber risks. This results in a highly subjective and inaccurate identification of risk. The RiskLens workflow enforces the proper definition of risk scenarios, and accurately guides analysts through the risk quantification and assessment process, according to the FAIR standard.

Thanks to a powerful technology platform and unmatched services offerings, identifying and quantifying top risks with RiskLens costs a fraction of risk assessments conducted with expensive consulting firms that rely on traditional qualitative assessment methods, and use inefficient and non-scalable spreadsheets for their calculations.


Triage Emerging Issues

Issues emerge so rapidly in cybersecurity that operations and risk teams are often left drowning in a sea of potential priorities. New audit findings, requests for policy exceptions, emerging threats, SOC findings, business risk analysis requests and Board concerns are all issues that cyber risk professionals must address. The ability to rapidly filter the noise and triage these new issues is mission critical, yet traditionally lacking, resulting in a backlog that never gets addressed and leaving it to crises to determine focus.

The powerful triage function found within RiskLens makes it possible for cyber risk professionals to quickly assess the potential financial risk to the organization introduced by these issues, helping filter down to the issues that matter most and require more focus. Automated reporting stack-ranks the resulting risks according to financial exposure, helping determine if certain risks fall below a certain threshold of risk tolerance and can be accepted, or if they exceed it and require more in-depth analysis and treatment. Deeper risk analysis and evaluation of risk treatment options is conducted with RiskLens’ Operational Decision Support solution.


Change the Dialogue on Cyber Risk

Most organizations are still blind to the possible financial impact of cybersecurity events. Their reliance on technical compliance ratings or qualitative risk assessments fails to measure the possible loss exposure they are facing.  Top risks are hidden in a sea of indistinguishable ‘red’ or ‘high’ risks (many of which aren’t.) Resources are spread thin on too many initiatives and inevitable blind spots occur on situations that can be exploited by malicious actors or are vulnerable to human error.

RiskLens changes the way you assess cyber risk and communicate that risk to the business. You know that your organization needs and wants a view into cyber risk that reflects the potential harm it faces from a variety of cyber events. You also know that evolving your organization to quantitative cyber risk management will change the way you operate and will take time.

Our Risk Landscape Clarity solution is the perfect first step towards the development of an enterprise wide program. By rapidly identifying your top cyber risks in financial terms, you will be in a position to show the executive team and the business owners the view into cyber risk they need to make informed decisions. Further, you’ll be perfectly positioned to begin the dialogue on moving to the next steps in the evolution of your cyber risk management program.

Enabling Success through Professional Services Support

Avoid wasting precious company resources working with big name consulting firms that deliver risk assessments of little value and of high cost. What you typically get are a few semi-annual assessments delivered by their consultants who use qualitative methods to analyze risk, or inaccurate and inefficient tools that generate non-actionable or questionable results.

RiskLens' Professional Services consultants have the world's deepest experience in helping Global 2000 companies build quantitative risk management programs from the ground up, cost-effectively.

Our Risk Landscape Clarity solution includes the following services beyond the subscription to the RiskLens software: training around the FAIR model, onboarding of the RiskLens platform and an initial Top Risk Identification workshop. These services help you not only get immediate value by identifying, quantifying and prioritizing top risk scenarios in just a few days, but train you for success in repeating these assessments on your own.

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