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RiskLens isn't just the only suite of SaaS solutions purpose-built on the FAIR model. We likely are the best company in the world with the professional services capabilities to help you build an enterprise-wide, quantitative cyber risk management program (QRMP). We've helped dozens of your peers across the Fortune 1000 design, implement and refine their cyber risk management practices through our professional services engagements. As a result of these real-world engagements, our team is the most experienced in existence in the area of cyber risk quantification and the real-world adoption of the FAIR model at an enterprise level.

Whatever RiskLens solution you chose to implement as part of your program, we are ready to support you in your journey and help you deliver rapid value from your RiskLens deployment.

Platform, Standards, Process

RiskLens empowers the evolution of risk management by building Quantitative Risk Management Programs that are based on three foundational pillars:

A SaaS platform that brings you the reliability, scalability and efficiency to quantified cyber risk measurement and management that cannot be achieved with manual approaches or spreadsheets

A suite of SaaS solutions that have been purpose-built on the FAIR standard for cyber risk quantification and that support a risk management process that is in line with standards such as ISO31000, NIST 800, Octave Forte and COSO

Best practices gained from experience by our risk consultants of implementing and optimizing quantitative risk management programs in Fortune 1000 companies

Program Goals

RiskLens helps organizations assess their risk management maturity level, define their cyber risk management program goals and develop a success plan that focuses on delivering value at each step. In support of these tasks, RiskLens developed a proprietary FAIR-based program maturity model made up of four maturity stages:

  • Risk Landscape Clarity: In the first stage, organizations unite behind a standard definition of cyber risk according to FAIR, identify high-value assets, rapidly assess top risk scenarios, and – if in use – clean up existing risk registers that might be bloated with issues that aren’t actual risks.
  • Operational Decision Support: In the second stage, organizations make decisions regarding resource allocation and prioritization of investments by conducting in-depth cyber risk quantification and cost-benefit analyses, that help prioritize initiatives based on their capacity to reduce risk.
  • Strategic Decision Support: In the third stage, organizations assess and aggregate risk at enterprise and departmental levels and measure themselves against explicit and financially-oriented risk appetite statements. Decisions regarding strategic projects such as migrations to the cloud or M&A are improved by understanding the risk implications, in financial terms.
  • Automated Decision Support: In stage four, organizations leverage real-time threat intelligence, vulnerability and other security event feeds to monitor their risk posture on a continuous basis and get alerted when they approach levels outside of their tolerance band.

Success by Design

Our approach to helping you build a quantified risk management program is holistic. We break down program development into five key areas of focus, each of which forms the basis for near and long term success:

  • Purpose:  We help you identify program goals, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders throughout the organization and identify dependencies for success across the organization to achieve clarity, focus and get everyone on the same page.
  • People: We conduct training, education and awareness courses on cyber risk quantification, the FAIR model and how to benefit from FAIR analyses, from the executive suite that will use results to make better decisions to the risk analysts that will be doing the work.
  • Platform: As we onboard the RiskLens platform, which is the technology foundation for your program, we work to configure the software to your unique environment and to build out rich data libraries which will aide in the automation of cyber risk analyses.
  • Process: We help you to identify your Crown Jewels, your top risk scenarios to build a baseline of your risk landscape, as well as the decision-making processes that will benefit from quantitative risk assessments. We teach you how to run those assessments or conduct them for you, if that’s what you prefer.
  • Performance: RiskLens is a long term partner for your success. We help you to establish financially oriented risk appetite statements, show you how to continually monitor and report on changes to your risk posture, and establish ongoing success measurements.

An Executive's Guide to Cyber Risk Economics

Jack Jones - creator of the internationally recognized FAIR model and co-founder at RiskLens provides a high-level introduction to managing cyber risk from a business perspective. You'll learn how the FAIR model powers cost-benefit analysis for security initiatives on a par with other forms of enterprise risk management. Read this eBook and never be satisfied again with simple red-green-yellow risk ratings.

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