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RiskLens is the world leader in training security and risk professionals on the standard FAIR risk model. We understand that the journey to better cyber risk management involves changing existing thought paradigms, developing a solid understanding of the FAIR model, and adopting a common language around risk across the enterprise. To support you in this journey, we've developed The RiskLens Academy.

Our training programs have been taken by hundreds in both online and live formats.

- The RiskLens Academy provides the following courses designed and taught by RiskLens' FAIR experts:

- FAIR Analysis Fundamentals (offered live and online) and the FAIR Analyst Learning Path (offered online only.)

- A Four Day Course on "Measuring and Managing Cyber Risks Using FAIR" Offered by the SANS Institute

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals

The First Step on Your Journey

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals prepares learners for the OpenFAIR Certification exam by providing a foundational understanding of the FAIR model and the underlying concepts of FAIR analysis. (16 CPEs, study guide and exam voucher included)

FAIR Analyst Learning Path

Refining Your Skills

The FAIR Analyst Learning Path consists of advanced courses designed to give learners who understand the FAIR model the practical skills needed to conduct high-quality analyses in their organizations. (16 CPEs included)

OpenFAIR Certification Voucher

Joining the Revolution

All trainees will have the opportunity to test for formal OpenFAIR certification with a voucher provided upon completion of the FAIR Analysis Fundamentals course. OpenFAIR certification is issued by The Open Group and testing is completed through Pearson VUE, at one of their numerous locations.

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals

The First Step to Better Cyber Risk Management

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals training from RiskLens provides the conceptual foundation and practical experience necessary to competently perform FAIR analyses. Whether online or in-person, RiskLens’ FAIR training courses (accredited by the Open Group) are led by experienced practitioners and will improve participants’ abilities to identify, measure, and communicate risk.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know and apply consistent FAIR-based terminology
  • Know and apply the FAIR ontology to risk scenarios
  • Use various measurement concepts to select scenarios for analysis and estimate risk factors using probability distributions
  • Understand the use of calibrated estimation in quantitative risk analysis
  • Follow a consistent process to scope risk scenarios for analysis
  • Map various controls to corresponding parts of the FAIR ontology
  • Understand and interpret the results of a FAIR analysis
  • Apply their knowledge to case studies, based on real-life analyses

Whether completed in our two-day onsite trainings or online via a self-paced curriculum, FAIR Analysis Fundamentals courses are led by expert FAIR practitioners from the RiskLens team and include:

1) Certificate of Completion

2) 16 CPE credits

3) Voucher that completely covers the cost of the OpenFAIR Certification exam

4) Study guide that prepares you for the exam

Online Training is only $1,499 per individual

Onsite Training is only $10,000 for up to 8 individuals, $19,500 for up to 16 

Interested in attending one of our upcoming two-day courses led by one of our FAIR practitioners? Check out our upcoming events.

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FAIR Analyst Learning Path

Advanced Training on FAIR Analyses

The FAIR Analyst Learning Path is designed to take participants with a foundational understanding of FAIR to the next level with four advanced courses, each covering one phase of the risk analysis process.

Through over 2.5 hours of instructional videos, interactive exercises, resource documents, and assessments reviewed by experienced FAIR practitioners from the RiskLens Academy, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to scope and prioritize scenarios for analysis, collect data and estimates to input into the FAIR model, perform quality assurance on completed analyses, and present analysis results to decision-makers.

After completion of the FAIR Analyst Learning Path, participants will have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to complete high-quality risk analyses for their organizations and scale a team of well-trained FAIR analysts.

Note: The FAIR Analyst Learning Path assumes foundational knowledge of the FAIR model, calibrated estimation, measurement concepts, and other topics from the FAIR Analysis Fundamentals course. It is only recommended for participants who have already completed that course, either online or in-person, or who have extensively studied FAIR via other means.

Online Training is only $500/course per individual OR $1,200 for all four courses ($800 savings) / individual 

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We've trained security and risk teams around the world on the FAIR model for cyber risk quantification. All of our clients take FAIR training as part of the pilot and on-boarding processes.

Whether your organization is well versed in risk management or just getting started on the right path to cyber risk management, our training courses are designed to enable and empower your journey forward.

We understand how to fit our training programs to your specific business and industry needs. We've trained hundreds of security and risk professionals from virtually every vertical industry.

The RiskLens Academy - World Leader in FAIR Training

Our online training courses are a perfect way for your team to learn FAIR at its own pace. We’ve designed and refined these courses with you in mind – easy to follow,

The RiskLens Academy - World Leader in FAIR Training

Our online training courses are a perfect way for your team to learn FAIR at its own pace. We’ve designed and refined these courses with you in mind – easy to follow,

"Very good instruction and loved the design of the course: one-third content, two-thirds practice and application."

Risk Analyst, Fortune 500 Bank

"I appreciated the approach to help us understand the FAIR methodology - it helped me understand how risk quantification can be the way forward!"

Director of Security, Leading Manufacturing Firm

"Excellent instruction...one of my favorite things is that both instructors have practical experience. "

Head of Risk, Leading U.S. Healthcare Firm

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RiskLens is the partner of choice for better cyber risk management to the largest organizations in the world. Our FAIR training capabilities, our enterprise tested Software as a Service platform, and our extensive Enablement Services offerings will get you on your way to better cyber security operations.

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