Strategic Decision Support

Manage Your Entire Cyber Risk Portfolio.

RiskLens is the system of record for effective cyber risk management programs. We help enterprise organizations manage cyber risk by shedding light on the bottom line: financial impact of cyber risk scenarios to the business. From strategic decision making to better tactical resource prioritization, RiskLens helps its clients drive better overall cybersecurity programs by making them true cyber risk management programs.

With a top down view on cyber risk, RiskLens' Strategic Decision Support solution helps establish a deeper understanding of enterprise risk and provides an aggregate, portfolio view of risk across business units. It allows your organization to set key metrics to measure and manage cyber risk against, such as risk appetite. It allows the organization to conduct enterprise level "what if" analyses that help you determine your overall sensitivity to a myriad of different cyber events, and makes it possible to report consistently to the business and Board of Directors in the financial language they understand.

Provide an Enterprise View of Cyber Risk

RiskLens enables a complete "current state" assessment of your risk posture against your top cyber risk scenarios. RiskLens then allows users to understand how enterprise loss exposure trends over time, based on the implementation of cyber initiatives, emerging threats, or M&A activities.

Align Risk Reporting to the Business

RiskLens allows you to group and aggregate risk scenarios and provide various stakeholders (line of business executives, board of directors, audit, regulators, et al.) with a clear understanding of risk posture per separate lines of business, or per special risk or regulatory domains.

Identify Emerging Risks

RiskLens helps you automatically identify emerging risks by monitoring against established metrics - including risk appetite, KRIs and KPIs - that can serve as a threshold for defining what is acceptable and what is not. This allows you to stay ahead of your rapidly changing risk landscape.

Provide an Enterprise View of Cyber Risk

Managing a complex enterprise means keeping track of a seemingly endless number of cyber risk scenarios. Each line of business has its own unique set of risks to evaluate and manage. Through RiskLens’ Strategic Decision Support solution, you can easily keep track of the entire enterprise, see how much overall financial risk cyber represents, and drill down the financial risk to which each business unit is exposed.

With RiskLens, you can complete ‘current state’ baseline assessment of your risk posture against your top risk scenarios. Using trend reporting, you are able to measure loss exposure over time against key metrics such as risk appetite, and understand how it evolves based on the implementation of cyber initiatives, emerging threats, or M&A.

Align Risk Reporting to the Business

Organizations that still rely on qualitative cyber risk assessments based on high-medium-low, ordinal scales or security scores, cannot assess the financial impact of events and cannot aggregate multiple risks to provide a departmental or enterprise level view. Traditional qualitative assessment solutions leave the business in the dark when it comes to understanding their cyber loss exposure.

RiskLens’ portfolio aggregation and analytics capabilities allow you to view risk in organizational aggregates that align to your business, along with custom aggregates for stakeholder reporting such as lines of business, Board of Directors, audit and regulators. The risk portfolio is updated automatically whenever information related to it changes in the RiskLens platform.

Identify Emerging Risks

Establishing and measuring against key metrics is critical to driving better cyber risk outcomes. There is little control of the outcomes from a residual loss exposure perspective if goals are not expressed in clear, quantifiable terms. Stop waving hands in the air and get agreement around clearly defined program goals.

As the system of record for your cyber risk management program, RiskLens houses all of the critical measurements to evaluate the success of your program – including risk appetite, KRIs, KPIs – and tracks your results against those measurements over time.

RiskLens uncovers the factors that are most effective in reducing risk. This allows your organization to understand which cybersecurity initiatives maximize risk reduction and thus, which ones they should focus on.

Enabling Success through Professional Services Support

Be wary of large consulting firms promising to help you build quantitative risk management programs based on FAIR, but whose expertise rest on outdated and ineffective qualitative risk management practices.

RiskLens' Professional Services consultants have the world's deepest experience in helping Global 2000 companies build quantitative risk management programs from the ground up, cost-effectively.

Our Strategic Decision Support solution includes the following services beyond the subscription to the RiskLens software: training around the FAIR model, onboarding of the RiskLens platform, a multi-week Top Risk Assessment, a Risk Appetite Workshop, an Executive/Board Cyber Risk Report.

These services help you not only get value by measuring how well your organization is faring against agreed risk appetite objectives, but train you for success in repeating these assessments and workshops on your own.

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