Why Choose RiskLens?

The Time Has Come to Measure and Manage Cyber Risk from the Business Perspective

Data + Risk Analytics + Workflow = RiskLens

Business executives of the digital age must have solutions built specifically to address their cyber risk management needs. They have spent years delegating the problem to IT and managing it as a technology compliance problem, but now recognize it as part of business discussions and board-level agendas.

They need a solution that can allow their information risk officers to quantify cyber risk from the business perspective, in financial terms, so they can incorporate it as part of their business strategies and manage it alongside all other types of risk. 

The solution needs to be consistent with a standard quantitative model for cybersecurity and technology risk.

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RiskLens Cyber Risk Management Applications

RiskLens is the leading provider of purpose-built Cyber Risk Quantification solutions for the business executives of the digital age.

SaaS Platform

Risk Analytics



Computational Engine

Risk Modeling

Source of Data




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RiskLens Is the Clear Choice

  What Sets RiskLens Apart? Why Does It matter?
Purpose-built platform
  • Built-in risk calibration and analysis engine
  • Templatized workflow
  • On-demand risk analytics
  • We do the math so you don't have to
  • Easy to use, assisted risk modeling
  • Answer questions on-the-fly 
    vs. producing time-consuming/outdated reports
Modular applications
  • Pre-packaged, integrated apps
  • Embedded loss tables
  • Unified by standard FAIR risk model
  • Less risk than building it yourself
  • Quick wins: value in days
  • Leverage of proven, open international risk standard
Domain Expertise
  • 100% dedicated to cyber risk quantification
  • Top customers are leading experts in domain
  • Founder and technical advisor to the FAIR Institute
  • Holistic coverage of risk quantification & risk mgt. maturity
  • Practical, customer-centered innovation
  • Strongest community of risk quantification practitioners

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