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The FAIR Institute Explained [VIDEO]

Posted November 21, 2017 by Vanessa McCoy

In a short video interview recorded at the RSA Charge event, FAIR Institute Chairman Jack Jones and RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna give a quick introduction to the FAIR Institute for Jonathan Gregalis, RSA’s Digital Content Strategy Manager. 

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What I Learned Leaving Internal Audit for Risk Management

Posted November 15, 2017 by Rachel Slabotsky

I spent several years of my career working in internal audit, specializing in IT risk and controls. During this time, I helped to evaluate the company’s “highest” risk areas, which were identified during the previous year’s enterprise risk assessment. I was also fortunate enough to participate in the annual risk assessment meetings, where I was able to experience firsthand what was keeping executives up at night.

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Marvel at the Simplicity of Communicating Cyber Risk to the Board

Posted November 15, 2017 by Chelsea Brunson

If you’ve seen my previous blogs, then you know it’s about time for another blog related to another Sci-Fi movie. Since Star Wars and Star Trek have been covered, I thought I would share my take on a more recent movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (even though Tim has covered the whole Marvel universe).

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How to Build a Quantitative Risk Management Program with FAIR and RiskLens

Posted November 13, 2017 by Steve Tabacek

A growing number of organizations are leveraging the FAIR standard and the RiskLens software platform to build a quantitative risk management program that allows them to prioritize risks and make cost-effective decisions regarding security investments to ensure resources go where they matter the most. 

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How to Improve Communication & Collaboration In Your IT Security Council

Posted November 8, 2017 by Joe Vinck

Organizations are investing more time and resources to best assess, analyze, and mitigate cyber risks. Often, an IT Security Council is tasked with reviewing the priorities of technology-related risks and their treatment throughout the organization.

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How FAIR Can Help TBM Shops Manage Cybersecurity from the Business Perspective

Posted November 6, 2017 by Nicola (Nick) Sanna

In the past few years, many CIOs in large enterprises and government organizations got a seat at the business table as they positioned themselves as business enablers rather than mere IT caretakers. The emergence of new disciplines such as Technology Business Management (TBM) helped these CIOs better align themselves with business strategies and manage IT from the business value versus the technical perspective. 

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How ADP Gets Business Value from Its Risk Register with FAIR and RiskLens

Posted November 6, 2017 by Jeff B. Copeland

ADP, the giant processor of payrolls for business, is one of the most experienced and creative users of the FAIR risk model and the related RiskLens platform. At the recent FAIR Conference 2017, Lead Security Consultant Marta Palanques, had the audience in serious note-taking mode running through ADP’s advanced approaches to risk register management and other ways of proving the value of quantitative risk analysis to the business. 

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‘Soft Skills’ for a Successful FAIR Program Launch

Posted November 3, 2017 by Cody Whelan

As I work with more and more organizations that are on the path towards designing, developing and implementing quantitative risk management programs, I’ve begun to see patterns emerge. 

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RiskLens to Showcase Cyber Risk Economics at TBM Conference 2017

Posted October 31, 2017 by Jeff B. Copeland

CIOs and IT finance professionals come to TBM Conference 2017 next week looking for insight and inspiration to run IT operations like a business. And RiskLens is coming to the TBM Conference to demonstrate how the RiskLens platform can help them manage cybersecurity from the business perspective, in line with the TBM framework's principles.

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Cyber Attacks Hit the Bottom Line in 2017 [Updated]

Posted October 30, 2017 by Jeff B. Copeland

This is the year, 2017, that cyber threats broke down the boardroom door and confronted board directors with the ugly reality that cyber risk could quickly escalate to operational risk, market risk and even enterprise risk.

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