On International Women’s Day, We Recognize the Contributions of Women at RiskLens and the Tech Industry

March 8, 2023  James Graham

Women in TechnologyThe theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity “to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren't enough. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action.” March is also Women’s History Month, with a series of events marking women’s leadership in technology and other fields.

International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s in the American labor movement, but its roots go back to the mid-1800s with the beginning of the Women’s Suffrage movement that ultimately resulted in voting rights for women in the US in 1920. A long-time feature of the women’s movement has been to encourage “equitable action" in the workplace.

At RiskLens, we are committed to equitable action toward inclusion of women at our company and in technology, recognizing that there is still much to do toward that goal in a male-dominated industry. We are proud of the leadership roles women play at RiskLens every day.

Jackie Lebo - RiskLens Risk Consultant 5“I would say the main challenges for women in the technology industry are the lack of women in tech and the obstacles to getting a position,” says Jackie Lebo, Professional Services Manager for RiskLens. “For instance, women tend to only apply for jobs that they meet almost all the requirements for.  Many tech jobs have a laundry list of requirements that most people could not possibly meet all the requirements for and therefore the job postings alone deter women from applying for the jobs.”

Her recommendations to the tech industry: “realistic job postings” in addition to more women in leadership positions and equal pay and opportunities. Another must-have: 

“Quality childcare options for all – one of the toughest struggles I had over the last year was being on a waitlist for daycare and having to have my daughter home with me all day.  Trying to balance work and have her with me was extremely challenging.”

Still, Jackie sees progress being made: “I do believe more and more women are getting involved in tech. Especially at our company, I see them make an active effort to include women as much as possible. In the workplace, I have seen more women ready to speak up when challenges and issues are present.  I have also witnessed more and more people willing to receive the feedback without becoming defensive.” 

Rachel Slabotsky - VP Professional Services - RiskLens 2Rachel Slabotsky, Vice President, Professional Services for RiskLens gives this advice to women in tech: "We should encourage women to embrace their strengths and leadership styles vs. seeking to conform in a traditionally male dominated field. Volunteer to mentor and support the education and awareness of STEM related careers for young women to help move the needle for future generations. I'd also advise tapping into local communities such as women in technology and leverage these networks for recruiting opportunities.” 

RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna adds: “There is still much work to do in this world to ensure that women enjoy the same rights and respect as men. We should do our part to create a world where women are fully empowered, recognized, and respected. A special Thank You to all the amazing women at RiskLens, who are a source of inspiration for us and for all around them.”

We will be highlighting some additional voices from women at RiskLens during this Women’s History Month