Introducing the RiskLens Pro Managed Service: Cyber Risk Quantification Has Never Been Easier

October 14, 2021  Chad Weinman

One of the most fulfilling parts of delivering professional risk management services to RiskLens customers is connecting with them, learning about their challenges, and most often being in a position to help.   

Over the years, RiskLens has made listening to our customers and community a top priority, and our technology and services portfolio has evolved to consider and reduce the pain many organizations, leaders and analysts feel when developing and implementing their FAIR™-based cyber risk quantification (CRQ) programs and operations. 

Chad Weinman is Vice President of Professional Services for RiskLens

One major challenge for many organizations involves finding the staff, skills, funding and time necessary to run their CRQ program. These factors can create a situation where security leaders understand and want to implement a FAIR-based approach, but just can’t figure out how to make it work in their organizations. 

RiskLens Pro: A Cyber Risk Quantification and Reporting Managed Service

RiskLens Pro - Risk CategoriesEnter RiskLens Pro, our brand-new managed CRQ service that dramatically reduces the complexity and costs of implementing and maintaining a FAIR-based program and allows our customers to join forces with RiskLens experts to quickly and easily understand their risks in financial terms.  

With RiskLens Pro, resource-constrained and overwhelmed cybersecurity and risk executives receive:

  • Quarterly Cyber Risks Reports: An initial risk assessment defines and prioritizes your organization’s top risks (for up to 20 risk scenarios), updated every 3 months.  

  • Cyber Risk Trending Report: See top risk trends in this report, which is updated quarterly.  

  • Quarterly Cost-Benefit Assessments: Evaluate the ROI of top cybersecurity investments and initiatives for reducing risk. 

  • RiskLens Platform: Read-only access to RiskLens software for reference purposes. 

  • FAIR Orientation: One session to introduce FAIR, available to an unlimited number of employees. 

RiskLens Pro is the natural evolution of our technology and services approach to enabling CISOs and their business stakeholders to know the answer to a key question at the heart of the FAIR framework: “What are our top risks and how are they changing over time based on our cybersecurity program and the evolving threat landscape?” By streamlining the path to CRQ, we hope to help organizations of all sizes and industries more easily and quickly start or accelerate their FAIR journey. 

RiskLens Pro is available now.  Please visit the RiskLens Pro page on our website for more information and visit our booth or ask a RiskLens expert about RiskLens Pro during the 2021 FAIR Conference next week.  

RiskLens Pro Managed Service