Share the My Cyber Risk Benchmark Tool, Earn a Free Subscription

September 11, 2022  RiskLens Staff

desktop-insiderMisuse-benchmark-1Earlier this year, we introduced My Cyber Risk Benchmark™, an easy-to-use tool to quantify cyber risk in the financial terms that business understands, customizable by industry, organization size and other parameters, for a quick look at any company’s probable loss exposure from ransomware, web application attack or other common risk categories. We made limited use available on a free trial. 

Now, we’ve got a great, new offer: Share a social link to My Cyber Risk Benchmark, earn discounts on the subscription fee – down to zero. 

Here’s how the offer works: 

  • Sign up for the free version of My Cyber Risk Benchmark.
  • Share on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email – you’ll see the sharing icons to click at the top right of your screen when you’re using Benchmark.
  • Automatically earn a 10% discount on your subscription fee for the first time you share on LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Earn an additional 10% discount for every user who signs up using one of your links, limit of two attributed sign-up discounts from new users in your own organization.
  • Discounts are cumulative and can add up to a free subscription when you become a subscriber. 

The discount code will be provided by email. The discount amount will be automatically updated to reflect the total cumulative discount earned. The user gets a new discount code each time one is earned, each with a higher percentage off, and uses the highest coupon when paying for the subscription.

About My Cyber Risk Benchmark 

  • Designed to start you and your organization on a journey to quantitative cyber risk management without launching a full program
  • Shows how your organization stacks up against the norms in your industry for loss exposure by risk categories
  • Through an integration with SecurityScorecard, rates your security posture and demonstrates how improving posture can reduce loss exposure
  • Guides decision-making on security resource allocation by showing the likelihood of different types of cyber attack in a year
  • Provides a detailed look at probable loss amounts from, for instance, incident management, lost revenue or fines and judgments.

Benchmark - SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard integration with My Cyber Risk Benchmark

See a video demo of the My Cyber Risk Benchmark tool – Self-service quantitative risk reporting.