Webinar: Build a Quantitative Cyber Risk Management Program with RiskLens

By Jeff B. Copeland | April 16, 2020


Let us introduce you in this webinar to the RiskLens-FAIR Enterprise Model (RF-EM)™, our new total solution for building a quantitative cyber risk management program, a combination of SaaS platform and professional services from the most-experienced company in the world at implementing cyber risk quantification at Fortune 1000 organizations.

We cover a lot of ground in a little over 30 minutes, presented by RiskLens Marketing Vice President Steve Ward and Professional Services Team Lead Teresa Suarez. You’ll come away with:

  • The case for adopting Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™), the standard model for quantitative cyber risk analysis that’s implemented by the RiskLens platform. Cyber risk now adds up to material risk for business so qualitative, heat-map style risk assessment is being swept away, as business leaders demand to understand cyber in the same financial terms as other risks. FAIR gives infosecurity and risk teams the analytical power to deliver on that demand.
  • The need for an enterprise-level quantification program such as RF-EM. FAIR is the starting point but transitioning from a qualitative to a quantitative environment requires changing workflows, re-educating people, and a platform that can handle large, complex demands for analysis.
  • An inside look at the new RF-EM solution. Built around a set of outcomes – Risk Landscape Clarity, Operational Decision Support, Strategic Decision Support, Automated Decision Support – RF-EM allows you to choose your outcome, then design and build your program with the support of our platform and services.
  • A look at RF-EM in action through two highlighted solutions: Rapid Risk Assessment, a quick triage among your risks based on financial impact, with the power to change your risk management program overnight – and Top Risks Assessment, a drill-down into the risks of highest probable impact, driving decision-making on security investment, risk appetite and more.

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