CXOWARE Becomes RiskLens, Aligning with Mission to Empower Organizations to Manage Cyber Risk from the Business Perspective

March 21, 2019  

Spokane, WA and Reston, VA, July 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/-- CXOWARE, the premier provider of cyber risk management software, re-launched today as RiskLens, better reflecting the company’s mission to empower large enterprises and government organizations to manage cyber security risk from the business perspective.

As cyber risk has become an executive and board-level concern, RiskLens offers a decision-support platform that allows organizations to quantify cyber risk in financials terms. This enables well-informed decision-making about resource allocation, investment justification and cyber-insurance optimization, based on the business impact of cyber risk. RiskLens has already been adopted by many of the world’s most trusted organizations.

“As we started working with some of the world’s leading companies, it became clear that they didn’t just want to manage cyber security from the technical compliance perspective; they wanted to manage it from the business perspective, based on the actual risk that their organization faces. That has been driving tremendous interest in our cyber risk quantification and management platform,” said Steve Tabacek, co-founder and CEO of RiskLens. “It was a clear choice to change our name to RiskLens, to better reflect what we do for our customers.”

Our journey started over a decade ago when co-founder and EVP R&D Jack Jones was a CISO at a large insurance firm and was asked the questions, “How much (cyber) risk do we have?” and, “By how much will you reduce risk if we approve your security budget?”  These were very fair questions from the business perspective, but no standard cyber risk quantification methodologies and tools existed to answer them.  This led to the development of FAIR, the only international standard Value-at-Risk model for cyber security and operational risk, and to the first cyber risk quantification solutions in the marketplace.

RiskLens was born as CXOWARE four years ago, as a pioneering company with the mission to enable forward-thinking organizations in financial services, healthcare and e-commerce to quantify and report on information risk in a common language that everyone understood: dollars and cents.

“Those pioneering efforts have borne fruit. The company recently released a new suite of easy-to-use applications, added new talent and unleashed new value for its customers. Customers and partners started to look at the company with new eyes and kept repeating that we help organizations look at cyber security through the  risk lens. The rebranding of the company to RiskLens reflects this progress and better expresses our mission,” concluded Jack Jones.  

About RiskLens

RiskLens is the premier provider of cyber risk management software. RiskLens empowers large enterprises and government organizations to manage cyber risk from the business perspective by quantifying it in dollars and cents.

Our customers leverage RiskLens to understand their cyber risk exposure in financial terms, prioritize their risk mitigations, measure the ROI of their security investments, and optimize their cyber insurance coverage. RiskLens is the only cyber risk management software purpose-built on  FAIR, the only international standard  Value at Risk (VaR) model for cyber security and operational risk.

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