The FAIR Institute Explained

January 18, 2019

In a short video interview recorded at the RSA Charge event, FAIR Institute Chairman Jack Jones and RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna give a quick introduction to the FAIR Institute for Jonathan Gregalis, RSA’s Digital Content Strategy Manager.


The bottom-line goal of the FAIR Institute, Jack explains, is: “Let’s get our basics right,” by promoting a common language for measuring and discussing risk in business terms. As Nick points out, the Institute's membership has reached 2,000, drawing risk professionals together to network and share best practices around building FAIR programs dedicated to quantitative risk analysis in their organizations.

Jack was a panelist at RSA Charge in Dallas, TX, immediately following the FAIR Institute's successful  FAIR Conference 2017 (FAIRCON17). You can catch all the social media buzz around the conference, here.

Want to watch more videos from FAIRCON17? Make sure you're a member of the Institute (pro tip: membership is free!), and click here to access our library of full session recordings from October's conference.