Ultimate Buyers Guide to Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification by Jack Jones

Creator of the FAIR model for quantitative cyber risk analysis Jack Jones is just out with the everything-you-need-to-know guide to be an informed shopper for a cyber risk quantification (CRQ) solution.

Interest in applying a financial approach to cyber risk has never been higher in the infosecurity community — but so has confusion about what is true quantification, its value proposition, and its strengths and limitations.

Download ‘Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification: A Buyer’s Guide’

In this product-agnostic and jargon-free white paper, Jack gives you the objective, hands-on advice you need to confidently leverage CRQ.

“The cyber risk landscape is increasingly impactful, complex and dynamic,” Jack writes, “and organizations have limited resources to apply to the problem…This means that cyber risk management programs must be able to effectively prioritize an organization’s cyber risk concerns and choose cost-effective solutions. Both of these require the ability to measure cyber risk well.”

Among the sections of the guide:

  • A concise list of goals
  • What is CRQ and how does it help? 
  • Common concerns regarding CRQ
  • Other risk-related measurement approaches that are commonly confused with CRQ
  • Important questions to ask any CRQ vendor
  • Red flags to look for in CRQ vendor responses
  • Buyer checklists

Download ‘Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification: A Buyer’s Guide’

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