Coming Soon: Cyber Risk Benchmarks by RiskLens for Visibility into Top Risks in Your Industry

October 20, 2021  RiskLens Staff

Benchmark Your Cyber Risk - RiskLensRiskLens is developing an affordable, easy-to-use online service to help CISOs like you have the best visibility into your industry’s top cyber risks and how you stack up against your peers for risk exposure, all in a format built for clear communication with your business stakeholders.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about this new offering, in getting early exposure to it and in influencing its final format.

Learn more: Watch a video about top risk benchmarking. 

Contact us about the Industry Top Risks service.

RiskLens is the developer of the only cyber risk analysis and risk management platform purpose-built on FAIR™ (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), the international standard for cyber risk quantification. RiskLens is also the leader in data aggregation and interpretation for cyber risk analysis. Many of the most sophisticated risk management teams at Fortune 1000 companies use the RiskLens SaaS platform and data.

We are now making our industry-leading cyber risk insights accessible to CISOs at a wider range of organizations, through an easily accessible web experience. Answer a few questions (that any CISO could answer - no special knowledge required) to give us some data points and we do the rest, utilizing our risk analysis platform and extensive data libraries.  

The service would feature two levels of reporting:

Top Industry Risks

At no cost, receive reporting for your industry on top risks and other metrics for risk exposure. Example: risks related to insider access, endpoint security, customer data compromise, etc. 

Benchmark Your Organization

At a low price point, provide a little more data, and see how you stack up against your industry peers.  

All the reporting will be in the same style that all RiskLens clients enjoy: loss exposure expressed in simple, non-technical, financial terms that you can put in front of the board, senior management, or any other stakeholder.

We want to bring the benefits of the most advanced, quantitative cyber risk analysis to any CISO, regardless of previous experience, with minimal effort and investment.

Interested? Let us know if you’d like to stay informed about the progress of our project – or actively participate by joining a panel of advisers. 

Learn more: Watch a video about top risk benchmarking. 

Contact us about the Industry Top Risks service.