RiskLens Introduces Advanced FAIR Training Courses

January 24, 2019  David Musselwhite

Today, the RiskLens Academy is launching the FAIR Analyst Learning Path, a new set of training courses designed to help you improve your FAIR risk analysis skills.

The Learning Path consists of four courses, one for each of the four phases of the risk analysis process: Scoping, Collecting Data/Estimates, Running and QA’ing, and Presenting Results.

Designed for learners who already have knowledge of the FAIR model, the Learning Path provides the guidance you need to conduct high quality analyses in your organization.

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The Learning Path consists of three hours of instructional videos and includes a ton of downloadable resources including templates, checklists, and guides. In each course, learners will complete assignments that will be reviewed by RiskLens experts and will receive individualized feedback to ensure they’re gaining the skills they need. Upon completion of the Learning Path, 16 CPE credits will be awarded.

In the first course, you’ll learn how to scope scenarios for analysis and prioritize them so you know you’re analyzing the most valuable scenarios first. You’ll also learn how to interview business and IT leaders to understand what scenarios they’re concerned with.

In the second course, you’ll learn how to identify subject-matter experts in your organization, how to prepare for estimation sessions by writing context-specific questions that translate the variables of the FAIR model into the context of your scenario, and how to lead a calibrated estimation session.

It’s one thing to know what a calibrated estimate is and how to make one, it’s quite another to know how to guide someone else to making one. That’s one example of the kind of boots-on-the-ground skills the courses in this Learning Path will teach you.

In the third course, you’ll learn how to conduct quality assurance on your results, interrogating them to make sure that they make sense, that you’ve documented a solid rationale for all of your inputs, and that your analysis has satisfied its purpose.

In the last course, you’ll learn how to interpret the results of a FAIR analysis and craft an impactful results presentation that drives action.

These courses represent the combined experience of over three decades of FAIR analysis work by RiskLens consultants and will immediately improve the quality of your analyses and the efficiency with which you produce them. If you’re looking to grow your analysis skills or scale a team of high-quality FAIR analysts, this training is the perfect opportunity.

To learn more about this new training offering, contact our training lead David Musselwhite at dmusselwhite@risklens.com, or visit the RiskLens Academy site to take advantage of a limited-time 40% off discount on the cost of the Learning Path.