Webinar on Demand: See RiskLens Enterprise Top Risk Reporting in Action

May 19, 2022  Jeff B. Copeland

It’s the most popular use case among RiskLens clients for good reason. Top risk reporting is part of launch for any new cyber risk quantification program, and a look into the risk landscape that established programs return to for decision support. 

In this 30-minute webinar, RiskLens Product Leader Taylor Maze and Senior Risk Consultant Kevin Gust present the many uses of top risk reporting and demonstrate the wide range of quantitative reporting options RiskLens enables. 

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As Taylor and Kevin explain, top risk reporting answers three critical questions you are already hearing from your stakeholders:

  • How much risk do we have?
  • What are our concentrations of cyber risk?
  • How do our biggest cyber risks compare?

The answers support data-driven reporting for boards of directors and regulators, as well as informing the purchase of insurance. Risk quantification also normalizes cyber risk with other risks in an ERM risk register. On a basic tactical level, top risk analysis enables prioritizing among risks to guide security and risk management programs. 

Register to view the Top Risk Reporting Use Case webinar on demand now.

Webinar - Top Risks Reporting

From the webinar

A Demo of Top Risk Reporting on the RiskLens Platform

Starting at approximately the 8:06 timestamp, Kevin leads a live demonstration of the top risk reporting on the RiskLens enterprise platform, showing how the guided workshop questions and built-in, curated data make setting up and running analyses quick and easy to generate three types of top risk scenario reports:

  • Most costly single events (useful for insurance decisions)
  • Most likely to exceed a set threshold of risk appetite, and
  • Annualized average impacts (useful for prioritization in risk management)

RiskLens Platform - Rapid Risk Assessment - Top Risks

Top risks reporting from the RiskLens platform
The webinar also features a live demo of Portfolio Management, the highly flexible tool that empowers aggregating top risk reports by themes to see how risk rolls up in the organization by business unit, geography, revenue stream or any other category that fits strategic needs. 

Finally, the webinar covers two other choices in top risk reporting for organizations looking for a lower level of engagement:

RiskLens Pro, a managed service, with reporting conducted by RiskLens consultants.

My Cyber Risk Benchmark, a readout on your organization’s top risks based on your industry’s demographics.

Register to view the Top Risk Reporting Use Case webinar on demand now.