Join Jack Jones & RiskLens at Cyber Risk North America in NYC June 20-21

Meet with prominent cyber risk players and peers to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to cyber risk at Cyber Risk North America 2017, the financial sector’s specialist forum for improving cyber security risk management. What distinguishes this event is the intimate size (approx. 120 select attendees), the discussion topics, and the seniority of the attendees (CISOs, Technology Risk Officers, Managing Directors).

This year’s topics will include:

  • Quantifying cyber risk
  • Cyber risk preparedness
  • Convergence of operations risk and cyber risk
  • Preventing another SWIFT attack
  • Regulatory approach to cyber risk
  • Systemic cyber risk reduction
  • Cloud security

Jack Jones, a 3x CISO, author of the FAIR risk model, and currently co-founder and EVP of Research and Development at RiskLens, will be part of a panel discussion addressing one of the hottest topics in the industry, “how to quantify cyber risk in financial terms through the use of FAIR”.

The need to assess risk in monetary terms in financial institutions has been driven by the demands of board of directors and banking regulators to understand the business impact of cyber risk and to properly size, prioritize and manage security initiatives. At the recent RSA Conference 2017, the first piece of advice delivered during the opening keynote was to finally treat risk as a science, using rigorous models such as FAIR, to enable business-driven security.

Join Jack Jones at the panel discussion on June 20th at 11:40 am titled “Quantifying cyber risk exposure”

  • Using the standard Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) model for risk quantification and analysis
  • Putting a price tag on enterprise-wide loss exposure
  • Justifying the value of cybersecurity to management and the board

RiskLens is one of the sponsors of the event and will be present with several executives, including co-founder and President Steven Tabacek and CEO Nick Sanna, besides Jack Jones.

You can learn more about the event and register here.