SecurityScorecard Offers Cyber Risk Quantification Solution Powered by RiskLens

May 9, 2022  RiskLens Staff

Security Scorecard-RiskLens Integration - DetailSecurityScorecard, the leader in cybersecurity ratings, now offers a cyber risk quantification (CRQ) solution within its platform, powered by FAIR™ (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) and risk data supplied by RiskLens.

RiskLens is the creator of FAIR, the international standard for CRQ, and is the leader in data science for cyber risk management.

“The CRQ integration between RiskLens and SecurityScorecard will finally give organizations of all sizes what they need to effectively understand and manage cyber risk: an automated, ‘dollars and cents’ view of cyber risk,” said Nick Sanna, CEO, RiskLens. 

“Based on the FAIR cyber risk quantification standard, on industry benchmark data and on their SecurityScorecard security rating, organizations can now make risk-informed business decisions.”

SecurityScorecard clients who choose the RiskLens integration will receive automated risk analysis showing their loss exposure to ransomware, data breach and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The analysis covers probable likelihood and financial impact of successful attacks with a breakdown of sources of loss such as ransomware payments, business interruption or remediation costs. (See a screenshot below.)

As a bonus, clients who choose RiskLens will also receive free access for one year to RiskLens My Cyber Risk Benchmark, an easy-to-use tool that allows users to quickly learn about the risks to their organization from cyber threats, and see how their organization’s risk posture  compares to a benchmark for their industry.

Learn more about the RiskLens integration with SecurityScorecard.

SecurityScorecard screenshot showing risk analysis powered by RiskLens. Click for larger image.