RiskLens Launches New Cyber Risk Solution to Improve Cybersecurity Investment and Budget Decisions

October 1, 2020  RiskLens Staff

RESTON, VA and SPOKANE ,  WA,   OCTOBER 1, 2020     RiskLens , the leading provider of  quantitative cyber  risk management solutions based on cyber risk quantification, today announced a new capability offered through the  RiskLens  SaaS platform:  RiskLens  Risk Treatment Analysis.   

As CISOs  and CIOs  struggle with demands to reduce budgets in the current economic environment while reshaping security infrastructure to reap the benefits of cloud computing,  artificial intelligence ( AI )  and other digital transformation projects, they need the tools to analyze and navigate the most challenging security decisions and trade-offs of our times.    

The new  RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis cap ability enables cybersecurity teams to assess and compare risk treatment options and conduct timely cost-benefit analyses to optimize both spending and risk exposure.   

RiskLens  is the global leader in quantitative cyber risk management and author of FAIR™, the international standard for cyber risk quantification. Our solutions and capabilities empower  cyber security and risk management leaders to justify, prioritize and manage the cybersecurity investment decisions and risks that accompany digital growth and transformation.  

With the new Risk Treatment Analysis capability of the  RiskLens  platform, security and risk managers can :  

  • Quickly assess and compare the impacts in financial terms that decisions on security investments, controls or other treatment options will have on risk exposure and cybersecurity budgets.     
  • Optimize, and when necessary, responsibly  reduce  cybersecurity budgets by identifying which options provide the largest cost reductions while minimizing the impact to risk exposure.   
  • Defensibly present the case to business management for new or rebalanced security investment to secure and support digital initiatives.   

In designing the Risk Treatment Analysis capability,  RiskLens  created a simplified and purpose-built user experience with flexible reporting. The output from analysis, based on FAIR, summarizes results in easy-to-digest financial analytics and charts that are dynamic for preferred metrics, risk tolerance, and other variables. The net result is to elevate the typical, technically focused, non-quantified cyber risk assessment and transform it into a valuable business case that risk teams can confidently present to business leaders.    

Announcement of the Risk Treatment Analysis capability follows the recent launch of the Rapid Risk Assessment capability on the  RiskLens  platform, enabling organizations to run FAIR risk analyses in minutes that present loss exposure in financial values and produce flexible, customizable reporting that clearly prioritizes risks by probable impact.  RiskLens  clients use Rapid Risk Assessment to :  

  • Generate reports on top risks for boards of directors, auditors or regulators. 
  • Turn around decisions on policy review requests. 
  • Conduct emerging threat analysis, and many other functions.  

RiskLens  continues to innovate to make risk analysis for cybersecurity, technology and operations faster, more solidly grounded in quantification, and more useful for decision makers,” said RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna. “We believe that the combination of our powerful software platform, our experienced professional services team, and our knowledge gained launching FAIR programs  at many Fortune 1000 organizations, make us uniquely qualified to help large enterprises face the cyber risk challenges in this time of digital transformation.”  

RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis will become an integral part of the cybersecurity decision-making process for our clients, providing clear and actionable guidance on the risk implications of both new and ongoing security investments,” said Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security.      

About  RiskLens 

RiskLens  is the leading provider of cyber risk management software. We help cyber risk leaders build programs that manage cybersecurity risk from the business perspective by quantifying it in financial terms. Our software as a service platform - built by the author of FAIR™, the international standard quantitative model for cybersecurity and operational risk - and our professional services offerings combine for a total solution to your cyber risk  assessment and  management needs. For more information visit the  RiskLens  website at  www.risklens.com .     


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