Building a Business Case for Enterprise Asset Management for a Defense Contractor

March 2, 2020

Justifying budget is one of the key benefits of a quantitative cyber risk management program. This case study shows how one organization leveraged RiskLens for a budget win in the complex sphere of enterprise asset management for technology.

The Challenge

Understanding how critical asset management is to the sustainable success of an organization, many IT Operations, Cyber Risk, and Information Security professionals find themselves arguing for comprehensive asset management but struggling to effectively communicate the return on the required investment in people, process, and technology.

That’s exactly where a team at a leading civil/defense/cybersecurity contractor found themselves recently — struggling to articulate a business case for asset management. The team was understandably frustrated. The value of asset management seems so obvious, and its importance so great, yet they hadn’t convinced the folks who control the purse strings to make the investment. They turned to the RiskLens platform leveraging the FAIR methodology to help them view the problem in a different way.