5 Tactics to Deliver Value Faster with Quantitative Cyber Risk Analysis

June 1, 2023  Jeff B. Copeland

Hourglass - Time to ValueAs a security or risk professional, you’re under pressure every day to deliver tangible value to the business from cyber risk management – So, let’s cut to the chase. Here are five ways that RiskLens clients hit their marks on time-to-value based on cyber risk quantification. (Read time for this blog post: three minutes).

1. Get a quick prioritization of top risks

Top Risk Reporting with the RiskLens SaaS platform sorts an organization’s risk scenarios by probable loss exposure in dollars, based on FAIR analysis. Features that accelerate the process: Pre-loaded inputs from company-specific and industry-specific data for common cyber loss events. Learn more in this top-risks use case.

2. Choose among controls or other risk treatments with on-the-fly cost-benefit analysis

See how much risk in dollars you buy down from a baseline loss exposure for every dollar invested in one control vs. others (image below from the RiskLens SaaS platform - click for larger image).

RiskLens Platform - Cost Benefit Analysis-1

Learn how one CISO used cost-benefit analysis for a quick save on an imminent budget cut in this use case.  

 3. Switch among multiple, high-level views of the cyber risk landscape

 Different stakeholder groups will have widely different needs for risk-data consumption. With RiskLens Portfolio Management, quickly move among views of risk exposure from the enterprise level to business units, to revenue stream to threat type – or any other customized outlook. Learn more about Portfolio Management in this webinar.

 4. Seamlessly report to the organization on your RiskLens analyses

RiskLens APIs support integration with executive dashboards, company-wide or line-of-business reporting or any system of record, such as a GRC. Clients can initiate a wide range of RiskLens platform actions (such as risk scenario creation) remotely, drawing on their internal systems. Learn more about APIs in this blog post.

5. See at a glance on how your organization compares to your industry for risk exposure

The RiskLens My Cyber Risk Benchmark tool draws on our extensive data science research to present an interactive view of an organization’s cyber risk across the seven most common categories (ransomware, DDoS, etc.) refined by industry, geography and other parameters with results in probable cost in dollars and likelihood of occurrence. A further breakdown reveals what drives the cost (incident response, etc.). Results are benchmarked against peers in the industry to set a meaningful context. Watch a video demo of My Cyber Risk Benchmark.

RiskLens Cybersecurity Risk Annual Report 2023 CoverDownload the RiskLens 2023 Cybersecurity Risk Report.  View total loss exposure, event probability, and financial impact of key cyber events from 2022 by industry. Get an expert view of key cyber risk themes and threats for your company.