Announcing the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model™, Standardized Best Practices for Enterprise-wide Adoption of FAIR™

October 21, 2020  Steve Ward

Today, we’re announcing the introduction of the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model™ (RF-EM™), a proprietary model that sets the industry standard for reliably converting the value of the FAIR™ Model into an enterprise-ready, cybersecurity decision support capability.

Read the RF-EM announcement press release.

As RiskLens CEO Nick Sanna explains, Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) “revolutionized risk management with its standard risk taxonomy and analytics model, but FAIR alone is not enough to build an enterprise program.

“Harnessing the value of FAIR within an enterprise requires both a powerful software platform that enables scalable data management, applied risk modeling, and streamlined workflows, as well as Professional Services support in building quantitative risk management programs. What we are doing with RF-EM is providing the industry with a clear picture on how to evolve.”

As the authors of FAIR and pioneers in cyber risk quantification, RiskLens has gained years of hands-on insight into the journey that Global 2000 and government organizations take to implement quantitative cyber risk management programs based on the FAIR Model. The RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model™ (RF-EM™) leverages that knowledge in a unique set of best practices, including

For more information, visit the RiskLens FAIR Enterprise Model™ page on our site or download the RF-EM informational poster.

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